What's Happening?

We try to keep information current - if the information seems to be out of date, try refreshing your page. If you have information you'd like added, please e-mail cwhitmore [at] shaw [dot] ca (Chris Whitmore).
Palm Crosses: Saturday, April 8, at 10:00am; we will be making palm crosses; everyone is welcome; please bring a pair of scissors
Easter Flowers: If you would like to contribute to flowers for Easter Sunday, in memory of someone, for the high altar, the chapel altar, or for the flowers on the cross, please talk to Gela Stach or Margaret van Benthem; you are also welcome to bring your own flowers for the cross, and everyone is invited to paricipate and help to put flowers on the cross on Sunday morning.
All Saints Cookie Eating Club and Bible Study: Tuesdays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm, at All Saints in the Clubroom. We will be studying and discussing the Book of Job and eating cookies, brought by Chris. For more information, contact Chris Whitmore at cwhitmore [at] shaw [dot] ca 
Wednesday Evenings in Lent: 7:00 to 8:00pm in the chapel; Over the season of Lent, we're offering the opportunity to gather for an evening liturgy and to hear stories of people who are wrestling with different ways of participating in the redemption of the world.
March 29: Rachel Twigg Boyce - Houseblend Ministries
April 5: Pierre Plourde - Hand in Hand with Haiti
April 12: Jamie Howison - Repentance and Freedom / A Book of Common Prayer Eucharist
Saints Alive: The deadline for submissions to the next All Saints newsletter is April 3/17
Please send submissions to Gela Stach at gelagaia [at] hotmail [dot] com
Soul Freeing Workshop: This workshop will open you to a new way of being, by beginning to learn how to let go of the past, to energize yourself in the present and learn how to be present in all that you feel. Session times are April 6, 7 and 8;Thursday and Friday afternoons, starting at 2:00pm, and Saturday from 9:30am to 4:00pm, at All Saints Church, in the Clubroom. Cost is $250.00 per person, with a $25.ooo non refundable deposit required after March 15. For more information, contact Brent Neumann at 204-794-5567 or 204-786-4765
Regular Services: Wednesdays 12:10 (Said Eucharist); Sundays 9:00 am (Said Eucharist) and 11:00 am (Sung Eucharist).