What's Happening?

We try to keep information current - if the information seems to be out of date, try refreshing your page. If you have information you'd like added, please e-mail cwhitmore [at] shaw [dot] ca (Chris Whitmore).
Regular Services: Wednesdays 12:10 (Said Eucharist);
Sundays 9:00 am (Said Eucharist) and 11:00 am (Sung Eucharist). 
Evensong Service: the 4th Sunday of every month, at 4:00pm
February 25/18 at 4:00pm
Theological Student: Wilson Akinwale is with us at All Saints as of September 2017.
Annual General Meeting: March 4, 2018 after the 11:00 service. All parishioners are encouraged to attend.